Monday, November 05, 2007

Guest for Dec. 16th

Former NYS Parole Chairman Robert Dennison will be with us on this show. He will be talking to us about his experience in that capacity as well as his current efforts to change some of the conditions of parole currently being imposed on people in NY.

Guest for December 9th

Peter Wagner is the guest for this show. With a campaign to change the way the census is currently conducted, Peter will show you convincingly how using his proposed method will create a fairer system of counting the citizens of our state.

Guest for November 25th

John Cutro is our guest for today. John is an authority on Restorative Justice and a proponant of the theory of Parallel Justice, the practice of obtaining justice for both the victim and the offender.

Guest for November 11, 2007

Our guest today is Santito, a formerly incarcerated man that has entered society successfully after spending two decades in prison. Hear his story and feel inspired.